Brand Rounds

#16 | Tyler Menke | The Pirate's Guide to Sales

May 20, 2020 Matthew Ray Scott Season 1 Episode 16
Brand Rounds
#16 | Tyler Menke | The Pirate's Guide to Sales
Show Notes

Tyler Menke is a father, medical sales professional, and author.

I ask him:

1. Share how you broke into medical sales in context of how challenging it can be some.

2. How did UPS Supply Chain Solutions prepare you for medical sales success?

3. What frustrates you about the medical technology industry?

4. What do you think most doctors wish for in a sales consultant that they may not be receiving?

5. What's something you hold to be true, but almost no one agrees with you?

6. Give us some practical tips on how empathy, honesty, and brutal transparency helps us to launch our sales and learn how to sustain and grow your business by "burning our boats?"

7. Where have you Zigged where others ZAG in your career mindset?

8. Why should people consider running their own medical sales distributorship vs. remain a direct sales representative?

9. What made you curious to write The Pirate's Guide to Sales?

10. What are two key takeaways you want people to receive from your book, The Pirate's Guide to Sales?

11. How did you handle the naysayers that may have questioned how or why you should write a book about sales?

12. What tip can you give that person who has a book in them -  from concept to seeing it rise in Amazon rankings?

13. What will we learn about ourselves when we take your complimentary self-branding questionnaire found on

14. Your father prepared you for challenge and perseverance. What's one principle he shared with you that's just as relevant for our listeners?

15. What do we need to know about Cincinnati that most of us don't know?

16. I come to Cincinnati for business, where do I stay, eat, and drink so I return to my agency and say, "our next office location is in Cincy"