Brand Rounds

#17 | James Carbary | How to Instantly Connect with Anyone You Want to Know

May 28, 2020 Matthew Ray Scott
Brand Rounds
#17 | James Carbary | How to Instantly Connect with Anyone You Want to Know
Show Notes

James Carbary is the Author of Content-Based Networking | Co-Host of B2B Growth | Founder of Sweet Fish Media. 

I ask James:

  • What made you curious to write your book, Content-Based Networking?
  • What are the two key take home messages you want us to receive from your book?
  • You've changed my mindset on reaching out to people and asking them if they'd be willing to share their expertise. Why "less is more" in the request.
  • What do you say to the person, "podcasting is not new, James."
  • Describe your company, Sweet Fish Media, to me as if I'm on a treadmill running at full-speed.
  • You're speaking to brain surgeons, spine surgeons, heart surgeons, and innovative medical device leaders, what can we say about podcasting that might make them curious to learn more?
  • Should healthcare brand agencies, like ours at FEED, think of ourselves as a media lab?
  • Here's a scenario, we have multi-million dollar revenue medical sales distributors listening to us - what marketing media guidance can you provide for them that might make them feel less of a manufacturers sales rep and more of a brand building distributorship?
  • What are the ingredients for a great podcast interview?
  • You and I have interviewed Gary V. While grateful, why are coworkers, clients, even people from other industries, often, the most impactful interview?
  • What's the process for you when you interview these interesting people, return to work on Monday, and want to implement so many ideas for Sweet Fish Media?