Brand Rounds

#21 | Jason Fair | Sales Monks & Road Warriors

December 12, 2020 Matthew Ray Scott Season 2 Episode 3
Brand Rounds
#21 | Jason Fair | Sales Monks & Road Warriors
Show Notes

As WireBuzz’s Director of Content Development, Jason Fair helps clients create digital customer journeys to drive business development. 

We discuss: 

  • What question does Jason  receive most often from customers?
  • Is there “conventional wisdom” in our industry that is just plain wrong?
  • Jason created a post 3 days ago that mentioned 40% of B2B reps told Forrester in a recent survey plan to modify their tactics to adapt to remote selling activities. If personalized video works so well in virtual sales, why are so many sales professionals not getting started?
  • What is his most profound "Eureka!" moment when he finally "got it"? Video works great to build brand awareness and drive new sales. 
  • If I'm a medical device sales consultant listening to us chat, I might think - developing content is a "marketing" function, right? Why do salespeople need to understand how to implement content marketing and what can we say that might make it easier for them to get started?
  • Are there any people or companies he admires how they've integrated LinkedIn into their business development?
  • What's a question that most sales professionals don't know to ask but would help them drive more sales if they knew to ask?